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DHM of Berlin and Daniel Boulogne The sections of the Berlin Wall

These sections of the Berlin Wall are 3.60 m (12 ft) in height by 1.20 m (4 ft) in width.

2 sections were donated in 1999 by the Deutsches Historisches Museum of Berlin.

The 2 other sections were also donated in 1999 to the Caen Memorial by a private individual, an art builder specialising in painted walls, and a keen collector : Mr. Daniel Boulogne.

What makes them special : the Eastern side has been painted on.

November 1989. The Soviet empire was tottering. Cracks were beginning to appear in the Berlin Wall. On the Western side, the city was in a turmoil of excitement. On the Eastern side, it was on the point of breaking a very long silence. A few artists decided to paint the Eastern side of the Wall which, ever since it went up in 1961, no-one had been able to approach without risking their lives. On hearing the news over the radio, Daniel Boulogne decided to make an expedition that turned out to be more dangerous than expected. He offered the East German artists two tons of paint, so that this Wall, the symbol of confinement and oppression, could become somewhere to express their newly regained Freedom.

These two sections of Wall are to go on exhibit in the Memorial's new spaces opening soon, "The World during the Cold War".

The ONET corporation is providing the Memorial with financial backing to ship these sections of Wall and install them within the museum display.

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