Exhibition Daniel Boulogne

Daniel Boulogne
" The Berlin Wall "


I - From Paris
II - Through East border
III - "Rabbit For Ever"
IV - Just in front the Wall




Caen Memorial - DHM

A Wall has two sides to it. I should know. It's my job to know. Art constructor. Other people look after one side of the Wall. The side on which they hang an engraving, against which they push up their bed, or a chest of drawers. The inner side. The inside. The cosy cocoon, if possible. The Wall in their own image and likeness.

What I am interested in is the outer face. I turn it into an open-air picture – and as definitions of freedom go, that's as good a one as any.

I like blind walls to the point of giving them a real eyeful of colour.

With the Berlin Wall too, that was how it ended up – with paint and colour. Except that it was me who was blind, to begin with. No excuse really; I had forgotten that there are two sides to a Wall. And what was even more inexcusable was that I almost forgot that for the prisoner, the Wall that counts is the one he has under his nose, the Wall that is an obstacle between him and freedom, the Wall that shuts him up in his cell and makes the difference between life in prison and a normal existence.

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