Mur de Berlin


Title: A Concrete Curtain


1 -

The shared sky

The Cold War
The Berlin blockade
Sealing off the border
Escape to West Germany


2 - Operation "Wall of China" The 1958 crisis
International reactions
A secure lock
The Men of the Wall


3 - The "Wall" system To prevent people getting out
Access to the "island" of Berlin
Description of a "modern border"
The Wall in figures
french version
4 - In the shadow of the Wall Victims
A giant palimpsest
German version
5 - The fall
The role of the USSR
The opening of the Wall
A united Berlin
Work to open the Wall
6 - What is left of the Wall


The history of the Berlin Wall, from its creation to its destruction :
An exhibition comprising around a hundred photographs
A detailed presentation of the Berlin Wall by exhibition curator, Cyril BUFFET, doctor in history, author of works including :
La France et l’Allemagne, Paris, Armand Colin, 1991 ;
Berlin, Paris, Fayard, 1993 ;
Histoire de Berlin, Paris, PUF, " Que sais-je ", 1994.
URL: - Creation : 20th September 1999
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Partner : Deutsches Historisches Museum
The aim of the DHM is to make known and explain German and European history. An exploration of the past extending from the year 1200 to 1989/90.

Partner : Daniel Boulogne
Two sections of the Berlin Wall were donated to the Caen Memorial in 1999 by a private individual, an art designer specializing in painting walls, and a keen collector, Mr. Daniel Boulogne.

Partner : ONET
As partner, the ONET group is contributing to the shipping and forthcoming museum presentation of the sections of the Wall as part of the Memorial extension programme.

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Photographies Copyright:
© Cyril BUFFET


All rights reserved to the exhibited works. The
works may not be reproduced or otherwise
exploited without prior permission, except by
private individuals for personal consultation.

All the pictures in this exhibition have been
protected with digital markings.
Any unauthorised reproduction or exploitation
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