Coquelicot Art of the First World War
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Charles Ginner, The Filling Factory, 1918, oil on canvas, 305 x 366 cm, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

© National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Transfer from the Canadian War Memorials, 1921.

Total war

63 - Charles Ginner

Ginner (1878-1952) tackles an almost identical subject - a factory in the Midlands - with a totally different slant, however, from Vuillard, who was more interested in the overall effect. Ginner's methodically realist approach, on the other hand, led him to take an interest in the carts, the shells, the glass structure, the workers, the lamps and the crates of explosives. He places everything on the same level, he does not choose, he inspects the scene with an impassive neutrality. This effect is further heightened by the choice of a monumental format which means that the women he depicts are almost life-size.