Coquelicot Art of the First World War
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Armin Horovitz, Gebirgsbatterie auf dem Monte Gusella (A Mountain Battery on Monte Gusella), 1918, tempera on cardboard, 72 x 98.9 cm, Heeresgeschictliches Museum, Vienna.

© Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien.

The age of artillery

39 - Armin Horovitz

Pictorial representations of mountain artillery positions are rare, and few of them get beyond the quality of newspaper illustrations. Such is the work of Horovitz (1880-1965), who was educated in the Vienna of the Secession and later in Munich and Paris. He enlisted in 1915, became an army artist in 1916 and worked opposite the Italian positions in the Alps and the Tyrol. He brought back this landscape, stylistically very strongly influenced by the French Nabis and Vallotton in particular. All that remains of convoys and soldiers are shapes lost in the white immensity of the mountain and a gun in the shadows, incongruous and absurd in such a place, in such a work, all snow and pale colours.