Coquelicot Art of the First World War
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Edouard Vuillard, Interrogatoire d'un prisonnier (Interrogation of a Prisoner), 1917, tempera painting on paper mounted on canvas, 110 x 75 cm, Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine - BDIC, Paris.

© SESAM, Paris, 1998.

The battlefield

32 - Edouard Vuillard

A former Nabi like Denis and Bouard, Vuillard (1868-1940) was also invited to visit the front, in his case, the Vosges in 1917, where he drew lookouts and this interrogation scene. More sensitive than Denis to human suffering, Vuillard notes the prisoner's rags, the inhospitable coldness of the room and the suspicious look of one of the soldiers. The stove is in the centre of the painting whilst an officer, with the painter behind him, examines the enemy at his mercy.